Abby Applewhite

“I woke up Saturday morning on February 16th expecting just a casual day in the mountains on family vacation. Rob’s sister, Kayla, kept saying she wanted to go to a waterfall...that’s all she talked about that morning. Rob finally got to the cabin around lunch, so I went downstairs to get ready. We were going to a waterfall that you had to hike to get to so my idea was to wear tennis shoes and leggings. Kayla once again, was very adamant about us having to “look cute” so we could take pictures. Once we all finally got loaded up to go, Rob punched in what he thought were the right directions, and we set off. About 15 minutes down the road, the paved road turned into dirt road. We sat there and questioned if the directions were possibly wrong, but Rob & Dustin (Kayla’s husband) decided to just keep going. One hour passed, two hours passed, and three hours passed, and we were STILL on this dirt road. Not only was it a dirt road...it was a trail that led you up a mountain. Between me downloading an altitude app to see how high up we were (3,000 ft if you’re wondering), Rob recording a “last words before we die” video, Dustin snap-chatting the entire thing like it’s funny, and Kayla feeling carsick with NO food or water, it seemed as if the waterfall idea was an absolute disaster. On hour three, we FINALLY found ground. Real ground. PAVED ROAD. At this point, the sun was 30 minutes from setting, Kayla and I both had to pee, and we were still not at this waterfall. The irritated part of me wondered why everyone was refusing to give up on this dang waterfall... what was SO important? Needless to say, we finally did reach the waterfall. We hiked up to it rather quickly, and Kayla tricked me into “taking pictures” with Rob. We were taking in the beautiful sight when I turned around and saw Rob down on one knee with the prettiest ring I’ve ever seen. He asked me if I would please marry him & I think that’s the point that I jumped on him like a monkey. What should’ve been a 30 minute trip to a waterfall, turned into a 3 hour trip. What would’ve just been a casual day, turned into a lifetime with my best friend. & what I thought was going to be the worst day ever being stuck on the side of a mountain, turned into the best day. Lastly, what I thought was just some “dang waterfall”, turned into my favorite waterfall & my favorite pictures. Rob Calhoun, I love you.”