Brianna Hayes

“Heyyy guys!! This is me and my fiancé Noah! We just got engaged like two weeks ago and as you can tell, we’re pretty excited  lol so the story of how we met is actually pretty crazy. I’m an RN and his grandpa was my patient. So I basically met the whole fam the first time I met him lol I was at work and trying to be professional or whatever but inside I was like ‘omg, he’s cute’  and apparently he thought the same of me because his aunt who ended up staying the night with his grandpa sorta hooked us up. She said ‘Do you have a boyfriend because my nephew was DEFINITELY checking you out!’ Of course I was excited but I didn’t think anything would come of it bc I was going to be gone by the time he came back to visit his grandpa that day. But he had a plan, he ended up leaving his number with the day shift nurse to give to me when I came back to work. Anyways, I ended up actually texting him and we went on a date and it’s just been on ever since then lol he’s perfect. I’m so lucky to have found my person to do this crazy life with.”