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Kelly Cornelius

 “June 8, 2019, best day ever.  A family trip to Tennessee turned out to be the biggest surprise yet.  Anderson and his family had planned for us to go eat at the Yacht club for dinner that night so we were all dressed up.  I am all about pictures so of course that’s what I was so excited about when we got there with the beautiful scenery in the background.  Pictures, pictures, and more pictures and Anderson didn’t complain once! (I should’ve thought something was up!) One last picture in front of the gorgeous Lake and boom.  It happened.  I turn away and Anderson reaches for my hand while he goes down on one knee.  Easiest question I have ever answered.  We were greeted by family and friends with Champagne to celebrate afterwards and it was so special.  A day I will never forget!  We can't wait to start this new chapter of our lives together!”