Kelsey Smith

 “Who would have ever thought the boy I started dating in eighth grade would become my future husband. Nine years later and I get to marry my absolute best friend. On December 7th, I graduated Georgia Southern University with my Bachelor in Education. Little did I know, Robby wanted to walk out into the field after the ceremony and pop the big question! Unfortunately, things did not go as planned so Robby has to think on his feet. The next day, I was told we were going out to dinner to “celebrate” me graduating. Robby, with the help of my family, invited all our close friends and family to one of our local restaurants to surprise me. My sister and I were running late as usual, but I was under the impression only my family was going to be there. Next thing I know, as I walked into the restaurant, Robby was down on one knee in front of all our friends and family and asked me to marry him!  I could not imagine anything to have been more perfect. Now, I have watched him graduate with his Engineering Degree and we are planning our 2020 wedding. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with my high school sweetheart!”