Kristen Conway

“ I could start the story with how we’ve known each other since 5th grade and how we hated each other until 9th grade, but to make things a little shorter, I’ll start with how we began dating November 3rd, 2010 and eventually became 2 Disney-obsessed nerds in love. Haha! When we planned a trip to Disney World in December of 2018, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. My friends made jokes about a potential proposal, but when you date someone for 8 years, EVERYONE makes jokes about proposals, and Mitchell and I had discussed that we would wait until after I graduated from pharmacy school (which would be May 2019). I didn’t suspect anything until my mom kept mentioning us getting a manicure before the trip. But I still brushed off the suspicion, and decided that if something was going to happen, it would happen on Thursday night because we had tickets to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. Fewer people, less congestion… it seemed like a prime time to get on one knee, right? On Wednesday night, we finished our meal at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant and headed toward the castle for the nightly firework show. The park was insanely crowded, and with roughly 20 minutes until the show started, there was no way we were getting anywhere near the castle. A cast member stopped me, told me that the park was at capacity, and said we should turn around and watch the show from the mid-section of Main Street USA. I turned and told Mitchell, his mom, and his sister, after which his mom grabbed me by the hand and said “lets go this way!”. Off we go, and another cast member stopped us and told us to turn around. Mitchell whispered something to the cast member and we are told to walk toward the castle to the next cast member. Again, we are told to turn around. Mitchell’s mom then whispered something, and next thing I know we are being escorted to the fast pass section by a cast member who keeps asking “how’s this?” Still trying not to get my hopes up, I shrugged my shoulders and watched the firework show. After all, if he was going to pop the question, surely he wouldn’t do tonight while it’s so crowded! Wrong. At the end of the firework show, he grabs my hand, pulls out a tiny red box, and asks me to be his happily ever after. Dumbfounded and speechless, I say “uh huh.” Not yes…. Not sure… not ok…. Nope. I say “uh huh.” Which, in a loud and crowded theme park, looks a lot like saying nothing at all. Mitchell, still on one knee, keeps staring at me waiting for an answer. Still unable to form actual words, I eventually stick my hand in his face and he finally gets the picture. And so, after 8 years of dating, we were finally engaged!”