Sarah Futch

 “Tristan and I had been dating for 3 years and of course I was expecting him to ask at any point now. So when he mentioned we should plan a trip for our anniversary I was a little suspicious but didn't want to get my hopes up. Tristan planned for us to go to Tallulah falls in Georgia which is absolutely breathe taking. So April rolls around we've packed everything, booked our room and headed on our little way. 11:00pm the car dings, it's a warning that we have a flat tire. No big deal we will just pull over to put some air in the tire and we'll be fine. Tristan gets out of the car and not only one tire is flat but both front tires are completely flat, wires sticking out and all. So at this point we are half way to our destination which we still have 3 more hours to go. We call a tow truck and it takes about an hour for them to get to us and get the car loaded up. The tow truck guy drops us off at the nearest hotel which is a days inn. I'm exhausted it's 2 Am at this point and I just want to get some sleep. We check into the room and it's absolutely filthy. Not one clean spot on the sheets, the smell was just unbearable. The closest hotel is 20 minutes away but the tow truck guy has already left and it would be quicker to just try to drive carefully right? Wrong. It took us an hour and a half to drive 10 miles. We found a red roof inn and holy moly that was the nicest red roof inn I've ever seen. So 5 Am we try to get some sleep. Call another tow truck service to pick up our car to take it to get new tires. Waiting and waiting, we call them back and they say oh we can't make it to your location so you'll have to call someone else??? What? So waiting on another tow truck for another 2 hours we finally get picked up and on the way to get new tires. Another 4 hour wait and we are back on the road. Finally reaching our destination we are lost, all the way up to the top of a mountain where the GPS said we should be and we can't find our place. So we have to go all the way back down the mountain to get service for our GPS to re calculate. Turns out it's on the other side of the mountain. FINALLY made it, got some sleep and woke up to rain yayyy!! April ,13th 2019. Lucky it was on and off so we were still able to go to the state park. We get there and me being me was looking at his pockets to see if I could see anything in them and they were completely flat, so a little discouraged at this point. So we're on the trail and Tristan says he wants to find a rock to take home, which is something we usually do when we go new places so I wasn't thinking much of it. We get to the suspension bridge that takes 600 steps to get done to  and had tons of people on it which means it was rocking alot and I had no desire to be on that thing. In my head I thought if he was going to ask it would be on the bridge and that didn't happen so at that point I had figured it wasn't going to happen. We  walk back up the 600 steps. Past the bridge is a  little trail that had very few people going done it. There was a tiny bridge over a little Creek that had a bench next to it. Tristan said let's sit down. He asked if I saw a rock we should take home yet. I said no but I'm sure we could find one. He pulls out the ring and says "I've had this rock the whole time". And you know the rest. It was the most perfect spot and I loved everything thing about it. We love adventure and will be planning on eloping to Kansas with a few family members. Yes Kansas, Tristan had the idea for us to throw two darts at a map and we would get married in the middle of the two darts. We are praying our tires and everything else will go smoothly on our trip to Kansas. P.S if you could't tell, our favorite place is Chick-fil-A. That's where our first date was but that's a whole different story.”